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I started to make 'things' when I was 28, it started with tumbling Gemstones and making it up into jewellery and then selling it party plan that went quite well. From there on in I experienced every type of Craft available. Dried flowers, Sugar Craft, Fimo modelling, card making, painting, the list is endless.


In September 2010 however I was introduced to lampwork (making beads with molten glass) I can honestly say I was hooked. You really are creating something special from glass rods it is quite a risky business as you are working with propane and Oxygen, but I so love it. It is a passion!


LAMPWORKBeads made out of Molten glass rods and shaped using the glorious arrays of colours that can be found. The beads are then cooled down in a Kiln (Annealed) and then cleaned and then made into Jewellery.


I never cease to be amazed at the colours and the finish that you are least expecting. So to know that someone is wearing one of my pieces would be awesome. We are but on this earth a short time and it would be nice to know that my beads would go on for a long time leaving a legacy if you like. Maybe even becoming an heirloom...


You never know do you?


I am hoping to teach Lampwork soon when I feel confident to do that, and to pass on this passion to others. In the meantime I hope people will enjoy wearing my pieces in the knowledge that it really was created with love. Read More.


Thank you! :)




Take a look at some of the amazing things you can create in the gallery. I am also intending to my do my own lampwork  demonstrations.


Visit my Lampwork Hand made Glass beads shop


Useful Videos


I have created a number of videos for you to see some of the techniques and materials I use to create my pieces. I hope you enjoy them. View my video channel.